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Mac OS X: Wait for ink priming to complete before installing the software. Note: If your computer does not have a CD/DVD drive, download the software: Windows: Mac OS X: 1 Make sure the printer is NOT CONNECTED to your computer. Windows ® : If you see a Found New Hardware screen, click Cancel and disconnect the USB cable. You can’t install your software that way. 2 3 Insert the product CD. Windows 8: Click the CD/DVD drive message that appears on your computer screen. Then select Run Setup.exe . If you don’t see this option, navigate to your CD/DVD drive and double-click Setup . Windows (other versions): If you see the AutoPlay window, click Run Setup.exe . Epson icon, if necessary. Mac OS X: Double-click the 4 Click Install (Windows) or Continue (Mac OS X) and follow the instructions on your computer screen. 5 When you see the Select Your Connection screen, select one of the following connections: Wireless connection For the first installation, we recommend using a USB cable (not included) to simplify wireless setup. After the printer is connected to the network, you will be prompted to remove the cable. You must install the software on every computer from which you want to print. f you’re using Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, or 10.8, or you don’t have a USB cable, you will need to use the buttons on the printer to select wireless settings. For information on Wi-Fi Direct™, see the online User’s Guide . Make sure you know your network name (SSID) and network password. Direct USB connection Make sure you have a USB cable (not included). Any problems? If you experience problems during setup, see below: Network setup was unsuccessful. Make sure you select the right network name (SSID). f you see a firewall alert message, click Unblock or Allow to let setup continue. Start Here 1 Unpack XP-410 8½ × 11 inch (216 × 279 mm) 4 × 6 inch (102 × 152 mm) EPSON, Supplies Central, and DURABrite are registered trademarks, Epson Connect is a trademark, and EPSON Exceed Your Vision is a registered logomark of Seiko Epson Corporation. Designed for Excellence is a trademark of Epson America, Inc. General Notice: Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. Epson disclaims any and all rights in those marks. This information is subject to change without notice. © 2013 Epson America, Inc. 1/13 CPD-38788 Printed in XXXXXX 5 2 Turn on and adjust Install software 4 Install ink cartridges 3 Load paper Caution: Do not connect to your computer yet. To select English as your language, press OK . If you want to change the language, press select it, then press OK . or to Note: You can change the language later using the product’s control panel. For more information, see the online User’s Guide . Caution: Do not lower the control panel without first squeezing the release bar underneath or you may damage the product. *412453900* *412453900* f your network has security enabled, make sure you enter your network password (WEP key or WPA passphrase) correctly. Passwords must be entered in the correct case. Use the function buttons to select uppercase ( AB12 ), lowercase ( ab12 ), symbols (1#%@ [ Symbol ]), or spaces ( Space ), and to delete characters ( Function buttons ). Press letter or function button. Press OK to select it. , , or on the printer to highlight a Highlight Done and then press OK . The printer’s screen is dark. Press any button to wake your product from sleep mode. Setup is unable to find my printer after connecting it with a USB cable. Make sure the printer is turned on and that it is securely connected as shown: Any questions? Quick Guide Basic instructions for copying, printing, scanning, and troubleshooting. User’s Guide Click the icon on your desktop (or in the Applications/Epson Software/Guide folder in Mac OS X) to access the online User’s Guide . On-screen Select Help or ? when you’re using your software. Online Visit (U.S.) or (Canada). Phone Speak with a support specialist by calling (562) 276-4382 (US) or (905) 709-3839 (Canada), 6 AM to 8 PM , Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, and 7 AM to 4 PM , Pacific Time, Saturday. Days and hours of support are subject to change without notice. Toll or long distance charges may apply. Recycling Epson offers a recycling program for end-of-life hardware and ink cartridges. Please go to for information on how to return your products for proper disposal. Need paper and ink? Try Epson specialty papers with DURABrite ® Ultra Ink for professional results. For the right supplies at the right time, you can purchase them at Epson ® Supplies Central ® at (U.S. sales) or (Canadian sales). You can also purchase supplies from an Epson authorized reseller. To find the nearest one, call 800-GO-EPSON (800-463-7766). XP-410 ink cartridges Color Standard-capacity High-capacity Black 200 200XL Cyan 200 200XL Magenta 200 200XL Yellow 200 200XL Print Anywhere, Anytime* Print wirelessly from your tablet, smartphone, or computer. Print documents and photos from across the room or around the world. Learn more at . * Most features require an Internet connection to the printer as well as an Internet- and/or email-enabled device. Press 4 minutes. to prime the ink delivery system. Priming takes about Note: The cartridges included with the printer are designed for printer set up and not for resale. After some ink is used for priming, the rest is available for printing. Caution: Don’t turn off the printer while it is priming or you’ll waste ink. Read these instructions before using your product. Note for Spanish speakers/Nota para hispanohablantes: Para obtener instrucciones de configuración en español, consulte la Guía de instalación en (requiere una conexión a Internet). English 2 1 3 1 2 2 1 3 4 2 1 4 minutes 2 1
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