Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R4640_Start-Here—Installation-Guide_pdf

Start Here 1 Unpack Read these instructions before using your product. 4 Load paper WF-R4640 Select the paper settings on the product’s control panel. 3 Turn on and configure Select your language, country, date, and time. Note: You can change these settings later using the product’s control panel. For more information, see the online User’s Guide . Ink priming begins. Caution: Don’t open the front cover or ink pack covers or turn off the product while it is priming. Otherwise, you’ll waste ink. Warning: The product is heavy and should be lifted and moved by two people. Caution: Do not connect to your computer yet. LTR English 2 Install ink supply units (ink packs) Shake 20 times. Unpack the black ink pack. Press to release the ink pack holder. Place the ink pack on the holder. Press in the handle. Follow the same steps to install the 3 color ink packs on the other side of the printer. Note: • The printer is designed for use with Epson ® ink packs only, not third-party ink. • The ink packs included with the product are designed for product setup and not for resale. After some ink is used for priming, the rest is available for printing. French control panel stickers
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