Epson WorkForce Pro WF-M5799_Administrator-s-Guide_pdf

43 Protocol Settings Parent topic: Using Your Product on a Secure Network Protocol Settings Protocols Name Description Bonjour Bonjour is used to search for devices and AirPrint SLP SLP is used for push-scanning and network searching in EpsonNet Config WSD Add WSD devices, or print and scan from the WSD port LLTD Displays the product on the Windows network map LLMNR Use name resolution without NetBIOS even if you cannot use DNS LPR Print from to the LPR port RAW(Port9100) Print from the RAW port (Port 9100) IPP Print over the Internet, including AirPrint FTP Print over FTP SNMPv1/v2c Remotely set up and monitor your product SNMPv3 Remotely set up and monitor your product with the SNMPv3 protocol Bonjour Settings Setting Options/Description Use Bonjour Search for or use devices through Bonjour (you cannot use AirPrint if disabled) Bonjour Name Displays the Bonjour name Bonjour Service Name Displays the Bonjour service name Location Displays the Bonjour location name Top Priority Protocol Selects the protocol that is the top priority for Bonjour printing
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