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32 Status ID Status description User ID Error Authentication failed because the product's user ID and/or certificate protocol is incorrect Server ID Error Authentication failed because the server ID on the server certificate and the server's ID do not match Server Certificate Error Authentication failed because the server certificate is out of date or the chain of the server certificate is incorrect CA Certificate Error Authentication failed because the CA certificate is incorrect, not imported, or out of date EAP Failure Authentication failed because the client certificate is incorrect (EAP-TLS or PEAP-TLS), or the user ID or password is incorrect (PEAP/MSCHAPv2 or EAP-TTLS) Parent topic: Connecting the Product to an IEEE 802.1X Network Using a Digital Certificate Follow the instructions in these sections to configure and use digital certificates using Web Config. About Digital Certification Obtaining and Importing a CA-signed Certificate CSR Setup Settings CSR Import Settings Deleting a CA-signed Certificate Updating a Self-signed Certificate Parent topic: Using Your Product on a Secure Network About Digital Certification You can configure the following digital certificates for your network using Web Config: CA-signed Certificate You can ensure secure communications using a CA-signed certificate for each security feature. The certificates must be signed by and obtained from a CA (Certificate Authority). Self-signed Certificate A self-signed certificate is issued and signed by the product itself. You can use the certificate for only SSL/TLS communication, however security is unreliable and you may see a security alert in the browser during use.
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