Epson WorkForce Pro WF-M5799_Administrator-s-Guide_pdf

31 You see a window like this: 3. 4. Parent topic: Connecting the Product to an IEEE 802.1X Network IEEE 802.1X Network Status You can check the status of the IEEE 802.1X network settings by printing a status sheet from your product. See the product's User's Guide for instructions on printing a network status sheet. The network status sheet displays the information in this table for IEEE 802.1X networks. Click Import to add a new client certificate. Click OK . Status ID Status description Disable IEEE 802.1X is disabled EAP Success IEEE 802.1X authentication is confirmed and the network connection is available Authenticating IEEE 802.1X authentication in progress Config Error Authentication failed because the user ID was not set Client Certificate Error Authentication failed because the client certificate is out of date Timeout Error Authentication failed because there is no answer from the RADIUS server and/or authenticator
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