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30 Setting Options/Description EAP Type Select one of these authentication methods for connections between the product and a RADIUS server: EAP-TLS or PEAP-TLS : You must obtain and import a CA- signed certificate PEAP/MSCHAPv2 or EAP-TTLS : You must configure a password User ID Enter an ID between 1 and 128 ASCII characters for authentication on a RADIUS server Password Enter a password between 1 and 128 ASCII characters for authentication of the product. If you are using Windows as a RADIUS server, enter up to 127 ASCII characters. Confirm Password Enter the authentication password again Server ID Enter a server ID between 1 and 128 ASCII characters for authentication on a specified RADIUS server; server ID is verified in the subject/subjectAltName field of a server certificate sent from the RADIUS server Certificate Validation Select a valid certificate regardless of the authentication method; import the certificate using the CA Certificate option Anonymous Name If you selected EAP-TTLS , PEAP-TLS or PEAP/MSCHAPv2 as the Authentication Method setting, you can configure an anonymous name between 1 and 128 ASCII characters instead of a user ID for phase 1 of a PEAP authentication Encryption Strength Select one of the following encryption strengths: High for AES256/3DES Middle for AES256/3DES/AES128/RC4 Parent topic: Connecting the Product to an IEEE 802.1X Network Configuring a Certificate for an IEEE 802.1X Network If your product supports IEEE 802.1X, you can configure a certificate for the network using Web Config. 1. Access Web Config and select the Network Security tab. 2. Under IEEE802.1X , select Client Certificate .
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