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24 Service name Protocol type Local/Remote port number Controls these operations NetBIOS Name Service (Remote) UDP Any port/137 Forwarding scan data and received fax data to a folder on CIFS server NetBIOS Datagram (Remote) UDP Any port/138 NetBIOS Session Service (Remote) TCP Any port/139 HTTP (Local) TCP 80/Any port Forwarding Web Config and WSD data to a HTTP or HTTPS server HTTPS (Local) TCP 443/Any port HTTP (Remote) TCP Any port/80 Communicating with Epson Connect, Google Cloud Print, firmware update, and root certificate update on a HTTP or HTTPS client HTTPS (Remote) TCP Any port/443 * To control forwarding of scan and received fax data, share a network folder, or receive fax data from PC-Fax, select Port Number as the Method of Choosing Port option and specify the port numbers for CIFS and NetBIOS. Parent topic: Configuring IPsec/IP Filtering IPsec/IP Filtering Configuration Examples You can configure IPsec and IP filtering in a variety of ways, as shown in the examples here. Receiving IPsec Packets Only Use this example only for configuring a default policy. IPsec/IP Filtering : Enable Access Control : IPsec Authentication Method : Pre-Shared Key Pre-Shared Key : Enter a key up to 127 characters long Receiving Printing Data and Printer Settings Use this example to allow communication of printing data and printer settings from specified services.
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