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19 Parent topic: Configuring IPsec/IP Filtering IPsec/IP Filtering Policy Settings Default Policy Settings Setting Options/Description Access Control Permit Access to permit IP packets to pass through Refuse Access to prevent IP packets from passing through IPsec to permit IPsec packets to pass through IKE Version Select the version of the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol that matches your network environment Authentication Method Select an authentication method, or select Certificate if you have imported a CA-signed certificate Pre-Shared Key If necessary, enter a pre-shared key between 1 and 127 characters long Confirm Pre-Shared Key Confirm the pre-shared key you entered ID Type If you selected Pre-Shared Key as the Authentication Method , select the ID type from the list. ID If you selected IKEv2 as the IKE Version setting, enter the necessary ID information Encapsulation If you selected IPsec as the Access Control option, select one of these encapsulation modes: Transport Mode : if you are using the product on the same LAN; IP packets of layer 4 or later are encrypted Tunnel Mode : if you are using the product on an Internet- capable network, such as IPsec-VPN; the header and data of IP packets are encrypted Remote Gateway(Tunnel Mode) If you selected Tunnel Mode as the Encapsulation option, enter a gateway address between 1 and 39 characters long
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