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17 Configuring an IPsec/IP Filtering Certificate Parent topic: Using Your Product on a Secure Network About IPsec/IP Filtering You can filter traffic to the product over the network based on IP address, service, and port by configuring a default policy that applies to every user or group connecting to the product. For control of individual users or user groups, you can configure group policies. Note: IPsec is supported only by computers running Windows Vista or later, or Windows Server 2008 or later. Parent topic: Configuring IPsec/IP Filtering Configuring Default IPsec/IP Filtering Policy You can configure the default policy for IPsec/IP traffic filtering using Web Config. 1. Access Web Config and select the Network Security tab. 2. Under IPsec/IP Filtering , select Basic . You see a window like this: 3. 4. Select Enable to enable IPsec/IP filtering. Select the filtering options you want to use for the default policy.
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