Epson WorkForce Pro WF-M5799_Administrator-s-Guide_pdf

10 Restricting Features Available for Users Follow the instructions in these sections to restrict users from using certain product features and create an administrator password to lock the restrictions using the Web Config software. User Feature Restriction Configuring User Feature Restrictions Changing the Administrator Password in Web Config Parent topic: Using Web Config Network Configuration Software User Feature Restriction You can restrict available product features for up to 10 individual users, with different features available to each user. This requires users to log into the product control panel with their user name and password before they can use control panel features. With Windows, you can also restrict printing and scanning from the product software. This requires users to log into the printing or scanning software, and allows the software to authenticate the users before printing or scanning proceeds. For instructions on setting up software restrictions, see the help utility in the printing or scanning software. Parent topic: Restricting Features Available for Users Configuring User Feature Restrictions You can create up to 10 user accounts and restrict access to control panel features separately for each one. 1. Access Web Config and select the Product Security tab.
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