Epson WF 600 Important Setup Information

Important Setup Information Network Connection (Wireless or Wired) 1. If you’re connecting to a network, use the Ethernet cable that came with your product. IMPORTANT : Connect the cable for wireless or wired networks. For a wireless connection, you’ll remove the cable later. 2. Set up your product using the Start Here sheet, including setting the date and time. DO NOT follow the steps in the “Install Software” section. 3. Install your software using the Network Installation Guide . For a variety of network setup information, go to: Direct Connection (USB) 1. If you are NOT installing your product on a network, connect it using a USB cable (not included). You can purchase a USB cable at most electronics stores. 2. Set up your product, including setting the date and time, and install your software as described on the Start Here sheet. CPD-26496R1 Printed in/Pays d’impression : Indonesia Ethernet network cable (included) USB cable (not included)
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