EPSON Stylus Pro 7600 and 9600 7/02 EPSON Stylus Pro 7600 and 9600 - 2 - Printer Specifications Printing Engine Reliability roll paper cover control panel front cover paper set lever parallel interface connector optional interface shield plate USB interface connector AC inlet ink cartridge compartment paper set lever Note: The stand is optional for the Stylus Pro 7600. paper guides Printing method 7 color EPSON UltraChrome ink or 6 color EPSON Photographic Dye ink UltraChrome model switchable between three ink modes: Photo Black Mode (uses Photo Black and Light Black cartridges) Matte Black Mode (uses Matte Black and Light Black cartridges) Dual Matte Black Mode (uses two Matte Black cartridges) Nozzle configuration 96 nozzles for each color: black 1, black 2, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, light magenta Resolution Maximum 2880 dpi × 1440 dpi Print direction Bidirectional Control code ESC/P ® Raster Photographic Driver Line spacing 1/6 inch (default), programmable in 1/1440-inch increments Paper feed speed 200 ± 10 milliseconds per 1/6-inch line RAM 32MB (Stylus Pro 7600) 64MB (Stylus Pro 9600) Total print volume 20,000 B0 images, 360 × 360 dpi Print head life 28 billion dots per nozzle Periodic maintenance Pump unit, head cleaner, and cap assembly require replacement approximately every 2 years based on 25% duty cycle Cutter blade life Approximately 2000 B0+ sheets (EPSON media up to 4.33 mil thick); approximately 1000 B0+ film sheets
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