EPSON Professional Graphics Group Page 1 . EPSON PRODUCT SUPPORT BULLETIN Date: 3/25/04 Originator: rws Bulletin #: PSB.2004.03.006 Authorization: Reference: TE03-461 Rev.A, epson10997, TE03-620Rev.A, TE03-620 Rev.B Total Pages: 1 Product: Stylus Pro 5500, 7600DYE, 7600UCM, 9600DYE, 9600UCM, 10000DYE, 10000CF, 10600UCM Subject: Driver Plug-in Up-Date v1.0cE for the Epson MAC OS-X Printer Driver This bulletin was created to inform you of a Epson Driver Plug-in up-date for the Stylus Pro 5500, 7600DYE, 7600UCM, 9600DYE, 9600UCM, 10000DYE, 10000CF, 10600UCM standard Mac OS X Epson printer drivers released prior to January 01, 2004. Description of Change: This change updates the standard Epson driver interface plug-ins ONLY that were included as part of the Epson MAC OS X driver released prior to January 01, 2004, and supersedes the epson10997 connectivity Plug-in up-date previously posted. NOTE: Should you need to reinstall the Epson Printer Driver after this up-date, you will need to re-apply the update again afterward to update the drivers standard plug-ins. Reason: This Update stabilizes Epson driver Interface communications during printing and corrects Epson Status Monitor functions for the following Professional Graphics printer driver plug-ins and upgrades their versions to: FireWire v1.81, USB v1.81, TCPIP v1.81. NOTE: In addition we recommend you upgrade your MAC OS-X operating system to the most current version. How Do I Get The Up-Date? The up-date is available for download on our WEB SIte: from the MAC Drivers & Downloads section for each of the printers listed. The file name is epson11054 .
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