Important Information for EPSON Stylus ® RIP Users Printing with Macintosh ® For optimal printing performance, check these settings before you print: K Make sure you set the Background Printing option to Background in the Adobe ® PostScript 8.5.1 printer driver. In addition, open the File menu and select Preferences . Make sure Raster Spool Mode is turned off (the box should be unchecked). K If you use the N-Up setting, be sure to select Print to File , then drag and drop the file you created to the EPSON Stylus RIP Server to print. Printing in Windows ® 95 and 98 EPSON Stylus RIP does not support the optional lower paper tray. You should always load paper in the upper tray or load it manually. EPSON Stylus is a registered trademark of SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION. Copyright © 1999 by Epson America, Inc. CPD 9387 9/99
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