Loading Roll Paper 1 Slide the black paper stop off the end of the spindle. Note: To use paper with a 2-inch core, remove the gray adapters from the paper stops at each end. See your Printer Guide for details. 2 Position the roll as shown, then slide it onto the spindle. 3 Slide the black paper stop back onto the spindle and insert it firmly into the end of the roll. 7 Release the paper lever. 8 Hold both sides of the paper and feed it into the slot. 9 Make sure the paper is aligned with the OTHER mark and the vertical line next to the arrow. Then return the paper lever to the secured position. 4 Open the roll paper cover. 5 Place the roll paper in the printer as shown. (The gray end of the spindle goes on the right.) 6 Make sure the printer is turned on, then press the Paper Source button until the appears. or icon Caution: To avoid feeding excess paper, make sure you don’t select when you’re using roll paper. 10 Raise the roll paper support on top of the paper tray. Then close the roll paper cover. Caution: To prevent creasing the paper, remove it from the paper path and roll it up when you’re not printing. 1 OTHER mark Vertical line
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