EPSON Product Support Bulletin Date: 1/27/05 PSB #: PSB.2005.01.002 Reference: N/A Product(s): ColorBurst RIP for Stylus Pro 4000 Subject: Image Clipping Update Originator: Authorization: Total Pages: SA/JA 4 Stylus Pro 4000 ColorBurst RIP Image Clipping Update This document provides instructions and how to correct image length clipping issues from Stylus Pro 4000 ColorBurst Rip when printing on sheet paper. Macintosh OS X Instructions 1. Download the updated version of the ColorBurst Rip Server version 3.8.2 from Epson’s web site. The file name is epson11321 and can be downloaded from 2. Install the ColorBurst Rip Server update and the PPD file. For instructions please refer to the What’s Changed.PDF file that is included with the ColorBurst 3.8.2 updater. 3. Once the updates have been installed setup your print jobs as normal from your applications. Select ColorBurst as your printer driver. Select the page size that you want to print on. This can be a predefined page size or a custom page size. 4. Launch the ColorBurst Rip on the server computer. Once the ColorBurst Rip window is up and running, select your environment for the media that you are using. Click on the Printer Settings button.
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