Loading Roll Paper Before using the printer, make sure it’s set up as described in Chapter 1 of the Printer Guide . Setting Up the Paper and Spindle 1 Open the roll paper cover and lift out the spindle. 2 Slide the movable paper stop off the left end of the spindle. 4 Slide the movable paper stop back onto the spindle and insert it firmly into the end of the roll. 5 Insert the white end of the spindle (with the fixed paper stop) into the right mounting bracket. 1 Continue paper stop 6 Place the black end of the spindle into the left mounting bracket. 3 Position the roll so the paper unwinds as shown, then slide the roll onto the spindle so it fits securely against the paper stop. Handle the roll carefully and avoid touching the printable side of the paper with bare hands. Fingerprints may affect print quality. SP10600 QRG 9/16/02, 05:11 PM 1
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