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1 Insert the paper support into the slots behind the Stylus CX, as shown. 2 Lower the feeder guard into the slots behind the scanner lid. (Insert the hinges on the feeder guard into the corresponding slots on the Stylus CX.) Note: The ink cartridges included with the CX6300 have a lower yield due to the ink loading process. This process is only performed the first time you turn on the device and guarantees a better performance. Caution: Keep ink cartridges out of the reach of children and don’t drink the ink. 1 Wait until you see “Initial Charge” displayed on the control panel. 2 Lift up the scanner unit. 3 Shake the package of ink cartridges four or five times. Then remove the cartridges from the package. Caution: You must install all cartridges and leave them installed for all types of printing. To avoid damaging the Stylus CX, never move the print head by hand. 4 Open the cartridge cover. 5 Place each cartridge in its holder. 6 Press down on each cartridge until it clicks into place. Install Ink Cartridges 5 1 Extend the output tray. 2 Slide the edge guide to the left. 3 Place a stack of paper against the right side of the feeder, but don’t push it in. Slide the edge guide against the paper. 7 Close the ink cartridge cover, then close the scanner section. The Stylus CX begins charging the ink delivery system. Charging takes about 2 minutes. The green light flashes and the Stylus CX makes various sounds. Don’t turn it off while the green light is flashing or you’ll waste ink. 1 Make sure you have all the parts shown here. If any parts are missing, contact EPSON ® as described on the back of this sheet. 2 Remove all blue packing tape from the Stylus CX. 3 Lift up the scanner unit. If it doesn’t open, make sure you have removed all the tape. 4 Peel off the tape from the ink cartridge holder. 5 Lower the scanner unit. Unpack Turn over 1 6 Load Paper Attach the Parts 2 1 Plug the Stylus CX into a grounded electrical outlet. Caution: Do not connect the USB cable yet. 2 Press and hold the On button until the green lights come on. Plug In and Turn On 3 Paper support Software CD-ROMs (3) Quick Reference Guide EPSON Stylus CX6300 Ink cartridges Feeder guard Don’t touch the green part 4 On button continue EPSON Stylus Please read these instructions before using the printer. ® CX6300 Start Here Select the Language 4 You can change the control panel interface language from English to French, Spanish or Portuguese. Press the Setup button (1), then press the top button on the left side of the LCD screen until Language (2) appears. Press the Color button (3), then press the bottom button on the right side of the LCD screen until the language you want appears (4). Press the OK button (5) to save the setting. 1 5 2 3 4
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