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EPSON Stylus ® CX3200 Start Here Unpack 1 1 Lift up the scanner. 2 Peel off the tape and remove the plastic piece from the ink cartridge holder. 3 Press and hold the On button for 2 seconds. The green light flashes and the scanner carriage and print head move. 4 Unwrap the ink cartridges and remove the yellow tape. 5 Lift up the ink cartridge clamps. 6 Insert the ink cartridges with the labels face-up. Install Ink Cartridges 5 1 Flip the feeder guard forward. 2 Place a stack of paper against the right side of the feeder, beneath the tab. Pinch the left edge guide and slide it against the paper. Caution: Make sure you load paper behind the feeder guard. 3 Flip the feeder guard back over the stack of paper. 4 Position the Stylus CX so the front is at least 9 inches from the edge of the table. 1 Open the scanner lid, as shown. Remove any packing materials under the lid. 1 Make sure you have all the parts shown here. If any parts are missing, contact EPSON as described on the back of this sheet. 2 Remove any tape and packing materials, as shown. Note: There may be additional packing materials or tape in locations different from the ones shown here. Do not remove the sticker covering the USB port yet. Unlock Turn over 1 Plug the Stylus CX into a grounded electrical outlet. Do not connect the USB cable yet. Plug In 2 4 6 Load Paper 7 Press down the ink cartridge clamps until they snap shut. 8 Carefully lower the scanner back down into place. The Stylus CX begins charging the ink delivery system. Charging takes about 1 1 / 2 minutes. The green light flashes and the Stylus CX makes various sounds. Don’t turn it off while the green light is flashing or you’ll waste ink. Caution: You must install both cartridges and leave them installed for all types of printing. To avoid damaging the Stylus CX, never move the print head by hand. continued 1 Insert the paper support into its three slots. 2 Snap the feeder guard into its two slots in the sheet feeder. Attach the Parts 3 continued 2 Slide the transportation lock back to the unlock position. 3 Close the scanner lid. Paper support USB cable Software CD-ROM Booklet Stylus CX Ink cartridges Feeder guard Do not remove this sticker yet Press the On button continue continue Open the output tray and pull out the extension
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