EPSON LX-300+ 5/00 EPSON LX-300+ - 1 User Replaceable Parts Options Single-bin Cut-sheet Feeder (C806371) Feeds up to 50 sheets of ordinary single-sheet paper. Additional Tractor Unit (C800301) Used in combination with the other tractor, improves continuous paper handling and reduces the chance of paper jams. This is especially useful for printing on continuous multipart forms. Roll Paper Holder (#8310) Allows you to use your printer with 8.5-inch roll paper. Printer Specifications Mechanical User replaceable part Reference number Part number Knob 106 1051718 Logo plate 120 1056595 Paper supports 180 1054395 Paper eject assembly 570 1050616 Printer cover assembly 105 1050626 Sheet guide assembly 109 1054395 paper guide paper supports printer cover control panel paper release lever edge guides knob tractor ribbon cartridge serial interface parallel interface paper tension unit paper thickness lever (gap) power switch Printing method 9-pin impact dot matrix Emulation EPSON ESC/P ® and IBM ® 2380 Plus Printing speed High-speed draft 300 cps at 10 cpi 337 cps at 12 or 15 cpi High-speed draft condensed 321 cps at 17 cpi 300 cps at 20 cpi Draft 225 cps at 10 cpi 270 cps at 12 cpi 225 cps at 15 cpi Draft condensed 191 cps at 17 cpi 225 cps at 20 cpi NLQ 56 cps at 10 cpi 67 cps at 12 cpi 56 cps at 15 cpi 47 cps at 17 cpi 56 cps at 20 cpi Printing direction Bidirectional logic seeking for text and graphics printing. Unidirectional text or graphics printing can be selected using software commands.
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