EPSON LQ-680Pro 11/00 EPSON LQ-680Pro - 1 Options Paper Handling Options High-capacity cut-sheet feeder (C806871) Feeds up to 150 single sheets of paper, 40 single-sheet multipart forms, 25 plain bond envelopes, or 50 postcards into the printer without reloading. If you also install the single-bin cut-sheet feeder, you can use both feeders as a double-bin cut-sheet feeder. Single-bin cut-sheet feeder (C806791) Feeds up to 50 sheets of ordinary single-sheet paper and is used in conjunction with the high-capacity cut-sheet feeder to create a double bin. Roll paper holder (#8310) Allows you to use your printer with 8.5-inch roll paper like that used with telex machines. Optional Interface Cards You can install an optional interface card to supplement your printer’s built-in parallel interface and provide added network compatibility. The EPSON interface cards in the table below are compatible with your printer. * If you install the C823051 optional serial interface card, be sure to set the transfer speed to one of the following: 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, or 19200 bps. ribbon cartridge paper guide paper thickness lever print head printer cover control panel knob edge guide power switch paper support sprocket units parallel interface Model number Card type C823051 Serial Type B interface card C823071 32KB Serial Type B interface card C823121 LocalTalk interface card C823141 Coax Type B interface card C823151 Twinax Type B interface card C823452 IEEE-1284 (Type B bidirectional) parallel interface card C823622A EpsonNet 10 Base T type B print server C823642A EpsonNet 10/100 Base TX type B print server with AC adapter
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