EPSON LQ-300 switch Character fonts: paper supports 0 Printer Specifications Printing Print method: 24-pin impact dot matrix Print speed: I 12 I 240 300 67 60 100 10 12 l I I I The or an head may Printing direction: Bidirectional logic-seeking for text and graphics. Unidirectional for graphics can be selected with the Printer setting mode or a software command. inch, inch, or programmable in increments of inch. Paper feed speed 80 ms per with continuous feed. Printable columns: 96 characters at 12 cpi 120 characters at 15 cpi 137 characters at 17 cpi 160 characters at 20 cpi Input buffer: 8KB Line spacing line; 3.3 inches/ second 80 characters at 10 cpi Download memory: 10KB Character tables: Character sets: EPSON Roman EPSON Sans Serif EPSON Courier EPSON Script Draft condensed Roman-T Sans Serif-H EPSON Prestige Draft One italic and 8 graphic character tables. (15 graphic character tables are available in certain areas.) 14 international character sets and 1 legal character set Color printing (optional): Method Ribbon color Print ribbon shifting Black, Magenta, Cyan, and Yellow Paper Single sheets (CSF): Width: Length: Thickness: Weight: 182 to 216 mm (7.2 to 8.5 inches) 210 to 364 mm (8.3 to 14.3 inches) 0.07 to 0.12 mm (0.0028 to 0.0047 inch) 64 to 91 (18 to 24 lb) Cl Use 90 (24 lb) paper only under normal temperature and humidity conditions. Single sheets (manual insertion): Width: Length: Thickness: Weight: 148 to 257 mm (5.8 to 10.1 inches) Max. 364 mm (14.3 inches) 0.065 to 0.14 mm (0.0025 to 0.0055 inch) 52.3 to 90 (14 to 24 lb) paper under normal conditions. Use 90 (24 lb) paper only under normal temperature and humidity conditions. Continuous paper: Width: Copies: Thickness: Weight: 101 to 254 mm (4 to 10 inches) Four sheets (one original plus three copies) 0.065 to 0.32 mm (0.0025 to 0.012 inch) total 52.3 to 82 (14 to 22 lb) for one sheet 40 to 58.2 (12 to 15 lb) per sheet in multi-part forms Use only two- or three-part carbonless multi-part forms fed with the tractor. When using side-crimped multi-part forms, raise the paper guide to keep the printing position accurate. When using the push tractor, the printing position for the last page may not be accurate because the page comes off the tractor. Dot Matrix Printers 10/2/94 EPSON LQ-300-1
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