LQ-2550 GRAY DOT-MATRIX PRINTER Paper feed methods: Friction- Built-in push feed tractor Pull tractor (optional) Double-bin cut sheet feeder (optional) Paper width: Single sheets 7.15 to 14.3 inches Continuous 4.0 to 16.0 inches (101 to 406 mm) Envelope No. 6 (166 92 mm), No. 10 (240 104 mm) label X inches, 4 X inches, 4 X inches, to 364 mm) Paper length: Single sheets 3.7 to 14.3 inches to 364 mm) Paper guide Ribbon Power cable Platen knob Paper thickness: Single sheets 0.0026 to Continuous 0.0023 to 0.018 inches (0.06 to 0.46 mm) Envelope to 0.0197 inches (0.16 to 0.52 mm) Label 0.0075 inches (maximum 0.19 mm) inches (0.065 to 0.1 mm) Printer Specifications Printing Print method: 24-pin impact dot matrix Printable area: sheet more 8.5 mm Continuous paper Print speed: See table below. LO 10 12 10 12 333 111 133 mm f0.12’J or more Printing direction: Bidirectional logic-seeking for text and graphics. Unidirectional available through or software command. tine spacing: Paper feed speed: Printable columns: or programmable in increments of or of an inch . 83 at line spacing table below. to mm 406 mm 26 mm mm to paper or paper width or more width Character condensed 12 condensed I printed characters 136 233 163 272 ‘For printable area for envelopes, see page A-8. Number of copies: Continuous. multi-part. no carbon: one original plus up to five copies. Total thickness must not exceed 0.018’ (0.46 mm) Buffer: Character fonts: 8 Kbyte - - - Characters: Ribbon: Black ribbon cartridge Life characters, at 48 dots/character): million (in Letter Quality 96 standard ASCII character set (including italic characters) 13 international character sets Epson Extended Graphics characters Color ribbon cartridge Life expectancy (in Letter Quality characters, at dots/character) Black: cyan: Magenta: Yellow 1.0 million 0.7 million 0.7 million 0.5 million Film ribbon cartridge 7764: Life expectancy (at 10 cpi, with bi- directional printing, using 136 columns): 0.1 million’ l This number may vary depending on print direction, characters per inch, or text density per page. I 10 I 24-Pin Printers 9/22/89 LQ-2550-1
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