EPSON FX-980 4/99 EPSON FX-980 - 1 User Replaceable Parts Options Paper Handling Options High-capacity cut-sheet feeder (C806841) Feeds up to 150 sheets of paper, 25 plain bond envelopes, or 30 postcards into the printer without reloading. You can also load a stack of single-sheet multipart forms up to 0.59 inch (15 mm) thick in this feeder. Second bin cut-sheet feeder (C806851) Connects to the high-capacity cut-sheet feeder to create a double-bin cut-sheet feeder. You can load up to 50 sheets of ordinary single-sheet paper in the second-bin cut-sheet feeder. Pull tractor (C800331) Improves continuous paper handling and reduces the chance of paper jams. You can also use this tractor as a front push tractor. Using a pull tractor in combination with a push tractor is especially useful for printing on continuous preprinted forms, multipart forms, labels, and for printing high-quality graphics. Roll paper holder (#8310) Allows you to use your printer with 8.5-inch roll paper like that used with telex machines. knob paper guide cover paper guide base front paper guide (closed) rear edge guides printer cover control panel paper release lever tractor ribbon cartridge shield plate serial interface parallel interface paper tension unit paper thickness lever front edge guides front paper guide (open) User Replaceable Part Parts Price List Name Part Number Bottom cover Bottom cover 1044121 Connector cover Upper connector cover 1037223 Connector cover screws (2) C.B.S-tite screw 1002674 Front edge guides Front edge guides 1044192 Front paper guide Front cover 1044120 Knob Knob 1039462 Logo plate Logo plate 1046472 Paper guide cover Rear printer cover 1044112 Paper separator Paper separator 1025296 Paper tension unit Paper eject assembly 1044165 Paper thickness lever cap Lever cap 1039412 Printer cover Printer cover assembly 1044166 Rear edge guides Rear edge guides 1044169 Rear push tractor Rear tractor assembly 1044168 Ribbon cartridge Ribbon cartridge S015091 Tractor (pull or front push) Front tractor assembly 1044167
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