EPSON Sales Training 1/00 EPSON is a registered trademark of Seiko Epson Corporation. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Printing technology Control code/emulation Paper handling SmartPark™ settings Contents This technical brief provides detailed information on the following topics, related to all EPSON impact printers: Functionality Flexible interfacing Built-in fonts Computer-based set-up Versatility Functionality—Printing technology Impact printers are either 9- or 24-pin, which determines the type of printing and the number of multi-part forms that the printer are capable of printing. M M M M M M M Ribbon quality Ribbon cartridge reliability Total Print Volume vs. MTBF Off-carriage motor assembly Reliability M M Nine-pin impact printers — These printers have the sturdiest printhead pins which: Hit the paper hard to make impressions through the thickest multi-part forms Offer the fastest print speeds Print from High Speed Draft up to Near Letter Quality L Twenty-four-pin impact printers — These printers have finer printhead pins which: Hit the paper less hard to make impressions through most multi-part forms Offer finer Letter Quality printing Print from High Speed Draft up to Letter Quality L Why buy an impact printer? An impact printer has several advantages over any other type of printer: Low cost — both in purchase price and low cost of ownership Flexible paper handling — only impact printers can handle multi-part forms and multiple paper paths that can all have paper loaded and waiting. Reliability — EPSON impact printers are renowned for their reliability with tireless printheads and superior quality ribbons. L L L L L L L M M The name of an EPSON's impact printer tells you if it is a 9- or a 24-pin printer, and whether it has a narrow or wide carriage: Nine-pin printers all begin with FX, LX, or DFX Twenty-four pin printers all begin with LQ Wide carriage printers have 4 number in their names Narrow carriage printers have 3 numbers in their names L FX-980—Nine-pin narrow carriage L L L
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