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Start Here 12 When the message to see the Start Here sheet appears on the LCD screen, press the OK button. On the next screen, press and hold the help button for 3 seconds. 13 When the message to start initialization appears on the LCD screen, press the start button to start charging the ink. Ink charging takes approximately 10 minutes. A message appears when ink charging is complete. Press the OK button to continue. Caution: Do not turn off the product, raise the scanner unit, or load paper while the product is charging or you’ll waste ink. Note: The included ink bottles are designed for reliable printer setup and cannot be resold. After setup, the remaining ink is available for printing. 14 To complete filling the ink tanks, repeat steps 1 through 7 using the remaining ink in the bottles. Note: Replace the bottle cap before disposing of the bottles. 15 Close the ink tank cover and scanner unit. 16 Select Maintenance > Reset Ink Levels , then follow the on-screen instructions to reset the ink levels. 17 Follow the on-screen instructions to adjust the print quality. Press the OK button to continue. Note: You need to load paper before you can adjust the print quality. See “Load paper” on the back of this sheet for details. You can change these settings later using the product’s control panel. For more information, see the online User’s Guide . IMPORTANT: Before using this product, make sure you read these instructions and the safety instructions in the online User’s Guide . 1 Unpack Note: Do not open the ink bottles until you are ready to fill the ink tanks. The ink bottles are vacuum packed to maintain reliability. 1 Remove all protective materials from the product. 2 Lift up the scanner unit. Remove all protective materials from inside the product. Caution: Do not touch the flat white cable or the ink tubes and their translucent cover. 2 Fill ink tanks Warning: Keep the ink bottles out of the reach of children and do not drink the ink. Caution: This product requires careful handling of ink. If ink spills, wipe it off immediately with a damp towel to avoid permanent stains. If ink gets on your clothes or belongings, it may not come off. Note: • Epson cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of third-party ink. • Use the ink bottles included with the printer to set up the product. Part of the ink will be used to charge the print head. These bottles may print fewer pages compared with replacement ink bottles. 1 Open the ink tank cover, then open the cap for the black ink tank. 2 Unpack the black (BK) ink bottle. Hold the ink bottle upright and slowly turn the bottle cap to remove it. Caution: Do not shake or squeeze the ink bottles. Do not touch the top of the ink bottle after its cap is removed. 3 nsert the ink bottle into the filling port, as shown below. Note: Refer to the color-coded sticker on the ink tank unit to identify the color of each tank. Do not force the bottles into position; they are keyed for each color. 4 Wait for the ink to fill the tank. Do not squeeze the bottle. Ink flows into the tank and stops automatically when the ink is filled to the upper line. Note: If ink does not flow from the bottle, lift and reinsert the bottle. Caution: After setup, periodically inspect the ink level to ensure it is not below the lowest line on the tank. Prolonged use when ink is below the lowest line could damage the product. See the online User’s Guide for refilling instructions. 5 When the ink tank is full, remove the ink bottle and replace the bottle cap. Place the remaining ink aside; you will need it later. Note: Do not leave the ink bottle inserted; otherwise the bottle may be damaged or ink may leak. 6 Close the ink tank cap. 7 8 Repeat the previous steps for the other colors. Close the ink tank cover and then the scanner unit. 9 Connect the power cord to the back of the product and to an electrical outlet. Caution: Do not connect to your computer yet. 10 Raise the control panel, then press the power button to turn on the product. Note: If an error message appears, turn off the product and check that no protective material has been left inside the product. 11 Press or to select your language on the LCD screen, then press the OK button. Note: You can change this setting later using the product’s control panel. For more information, see the online User’s Guide . Follow steps 12 and 13 to continue ink charging. ET-2760
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