EPSON EPSON AMERICA INC. SERVICE P RODUCT S UPPORT B ULLETIN PSB NO.: P-0021 I DATE: 06/15/88 I PAGE: 1 of 1 SUBJECT: GQ-3500 MEMORY SIZE STATUS DISPLAY The purpose of this bulletin is to clarify how the GQ-3500 displays memory size during the power up selftest. The characters appear on the "STATUS" display, for a moment, immediately after the GQ-3500 is powered on. Table 1 shows the 3 memory sizes and status indications used in the GQ-3500. Table 1 Memory Size Product Status Description 512K Standard Memory Size EIIMM 1.5Meg Initial Memory Up-grade 5190 2.OMeg Current memory up-grade 5192-A EPSON AMERICA SERVICE, 23610 TEL0 AVENUE, TORRANCE, CALIF. 90505
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