EPSON DFX-8500 5/98 EPSON DFX-8500 - 1 Accessories Ribbon cartridge Use the #8766 EPSON replacement cartridge only Printer Specifications Printing Printing speed: Note: Paper feed speed drops to 6 inches per second when the optional pull tractor is mounted. Printable columns: control panel front cover sprockets* paper supports* power switch * front tractor unit parts paper bail top cover sprockets** paper supports** ribbon cartridge ** rear tractor unit parts print head paper separator cover rear cover serial interface parallel interface paper separator rear flap Printing method: 9-pin impact dot matrix Characters per inch Quality Characters/second/line 10 cpi High-speed draft 1120 10 cpi Normal draft 840 10 cpi Near letter quality 210 12 cpi Draft 1008 12 cpi Near letter quality 252 Printing direction: Bidirectional logic seeking for text and graphics printing. Unidirectional text or graphics printing can be selected using software commands. Line spacing: 1/6-inch or programmable increments of 1/216-inch Paper feed speed: Continuous 0.25/m/sec/line (9.9 inches per second) Characters per inch Maximum printed characters per column 10 cpi 136 12 cpi 163 15 cpi 204 17 cpi 233 20 cpi 272 Buffer: 128KB or 0KB (DIP switch selectable) Character fonts: Characters per inch available Font Available pitches (cpi) EPSON Super Draft 10 EPSON Draft 10, 12, 15 EPSON Roman (NLQ) 10, 12, 15, proportional EPSON Sans serif (NLQ) 10, 12, 15, proportional
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