DFX-8000 DOT-MATRIX PRINTER Character fonts: Font Available inch) power cable connector lock Printer Specifications Printing Printing method: Pin configuration: Printing speed: 9-pin impact dot matrix Two 9-pin columns high-speed 12 10 12 192 Printing direction: Line spacing: Bidirectional logic-seeking for tat printing. Unidirectional for graphics (can also be switched to bidirectional using the proper software command). or increments of Approx. 17 ms/line at l/&inch line spacing during continuous feeding 26 ms/line at in of an inch Paper feed speed: Printable columns: line spacing during characters: Paper Paper type: Standard ASCII character set with 96 characters (including italic characters) 13 international character sets (including italic characters) Epson Extended Graphics character set Continuous-feed paper: l The sprocket holes must be perfectly circular or circular and notched. l The holes must be cleanly cut. l The perforation between pages should not extend all the way to the edges of the paper, as shown below. Paper weight: Continuous paper: 14 to 22 Ibs. (52.6 to 82.7 to 15 to Multi-part Paper thickness: Continuous paper (including multi-part forms): Front up to 0.46 mm Rear up to 0.30 mm Up to 0.19 mm (0.0075’) including backing sheet Overlapping area on overlapping up to 0.70 mm (0.028’) Input buffer: 3Kbyte 9-Pin Printers 5/23/90 DFX-8000-1
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