BarTender Barcode Printing Manual M00027701 Rev. B Trademarks EPSON is registered trademarks of Seiko Epson Corporation in Japan and other countries./regions. BarTender is registered trademarks of Seagull Scientific, Inc. Copyright ©2010-2012 Seiko Epson Corporation. All rights reserved. This manual explains the settings for using BarTender to print out bar codes with TM-C3400 When using BarTender to print out bar codes, the scale of the bar width and space width might change as shown below, making the bar code difficult or even impossible to read with a scanner. Therefore, first you will need to optimize the printer information for BarTender, and then set the bar code object to the recommended minimum values. Optimizing printer information ( page 2 ) • BarTender Ver.9.20 or later ( page 2 ) • BarTender Ver.9.10 or earlier ( page 4 ) Barcode Object settings ( page 6 ) • Barcode ( page 6 ) • 2D symbol of stack type ( page 8 ) • 2D symbol of matrix type ( page 9 ) Caution: After optimizing the printer information, set the Barcode Object. You might not be able to set the recommended minimum value for the Barcode Object. 㪍㪇㪍㪏㪎㪐 㪍㪇㪍㪏㪎㪐 Barcode printed out with initial settings Barcode after resetting values Example: For Code128 Type C
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