User’s Guide Update Please update your EPSON Type B Ethernet Interface Card (C82332*) User’s Guide with the following information: The Type B Ethernet Interface Card is also referred to as the Multi-protocol Ethernet Interface Card. You may notice this name when ordering, for example. The Type B Ethernet interface card can be installed in ink jet printers, as well as laser and dot matrix printers. Although the manual states that your printer must support PostScript printing, you can use the Ethernet interface card in any EPSON Stylus ink jet printer that has a Type B option slot. If you are using your printer in an Apple Ethertalk network, you need to use the EPSON Namer program to rename it, as described on page 3-2. However, please note that the EPSON Namer program is on the printer driver diskette that came with your printer, not on the EPSON Net! for Macintosh diskette, as mentioned in your manual. Copyright © 1995 by Epson America, Inc. Torrance, California, USA 8/95 cpd-3018
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