Important Information for Windows AXIS 1440 Product Update 1 AXIS ® 1440 Print Server For EPSON ® Printers: Product Update Important Information for Windows If you are using Windows ® 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT ® 4.0, you need to turn off your EPSON ® printer software’s monitoring utility (Status Monitor) before you use the printer. The EPSON Status Monitor was created for printing locally and cannot monitor your printer over a network. If you don’t turn off monitoring, you will see error messages when you try to print. If you are using the AXIS ® 1440 Print Server with the EPSON Stylus ® COLOR 760, EPSON Stylus COLOR 860, EPSON Stylus COLOR 1160, EPSON Stylus Photo 870, or EPSON Stylus Photo 1270, follow the steps under, “Disabling Monitoring for EPSON Status Monitor 3” (page 2). For all other printers, follow the steps in the section below. Note: AXIS includes software for monitoring the printer over the network. For details, see your AXIS 1440 Print Server User’s Manual . When you are installing drivers for the EPSON Stylus Photo 870 or the EPSON Stylus Photo 1270, the Printer Utility tries to automatically detect your printer port. You may see the following screen: If you see this screen, click Cancel and configure your port for the AXIS 1440 manually, as described in the AXIS 1440 Print Server Installation Guide .
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