ActionPrinter 3260 printer cover interface FONT lights READY light 1 EPSON FONT FF l OSans Serif READY FONT button FORM FEED button CONTROLPANEL cable clip Printer Specifications Printing Printing method: 24-pin impact dot matrix Printing speed: The paper-thickness lever position or an overheated print head may slow down the printing speed. Printing direction: Bidirectional logic-seeking for text and graphics. (Unidirectional for graphics can be selected with the default-setting mode or the proper software command.) Line spacing: 1/6 inch, 1/8 inch, or programmable in 1/360-inch increments Paper feed speed: 111 ms per 1/6-inch line; 2.2 inches/second with continuous feed and the paper thickness lever position set to 0. Input buffer: Color printing (optional): 11 KB when download default setting is OFF 1.75 KB when the download default setting is ON Method: Color(s): Shifting the print ribbon Black, Magenta, Cyan, and Yellow Printable columns: Character sizes 10 cpi 10 cpi condensed 12 cpi 12 cpi condensed 15 cpi Maximum printed characters 80 137 96 160 120 Character fonts: ribbon cartridge You can also select other font/pitch combinations using ESC/P 2 commands. 24-Pin Printers 1/94 AP-3260-1
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