ActionPrinter 3250 narrow cover printer cover parallel interface Power switch r-thickness lever FONT/YES FORM FEED/NO button button I FONT lights I Control panel power cord cable dip Note: In some locations, the power cord may be attached to the printer. I Printer Specifications Printing Printing method: 24-pin impact dot matrix Printing speed: Quality Draft LQ Printing direction: Line spacing: Paper feed speed: Input buffer Printable columns: Characters/inch Characters/second/line 10 167 12 200 10 60 12 72 Bidirectional logic-seeking for text and graphics. (Unidirectional for graphics can be selected with the default-setting mode or the proper software command.) 1/6 inch, 1/8 inch, or programmable in 1/360-inch increments. 91 ms per 1/6-inch line; 2.22 inches/second with continuous feed 11KB when download default setting OFF 1.75KB when download default setting ON Character sizes Maximum printed characters 10 cpi 80 10 cpi condensed 137 12 cpi 96 12 cpi condensed 160 15 cpi 120 You can also select other font/pitch combinations using ESC/P2 commands. Character sets: Paper Thickness Weight Input paper supply One italic and 15 graphics character tables for European version One italic and 5 graphics character tables for non- European version 14 international character sets and one legal character set US model: Letter (8.5 x 11 inches) Other models: A4 (210 x 297 mm) 0.065 to 0.14 mm (0.0026 to 0.0055 inches) 64 to 90 g/m (17 to 24 lb) l Use 90 g/m (24 lb) paper under normal conditions. 50 sheets for 82 g/m 2 (22 lb) 60 sheets for 64 g/m 2 (17 lb) Total thickness of paper stack should be less then 5 mm (0.2 inches). 24-Pin Printers 3/17/92 AP-3250-1
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