Chipless Firmware Epson WF-C5290

INKCHIP Solution For Chipless Printing Instructions for updating the printer firmware in chipless, method number 14 (for 99 firmware) It is suitable for epson printers on the condition of usage 99 chipless firmware. For updating the printer firmware into a chipless one you need: 1. INKCHIP Firmware Program compatible with your printer model. 2. INKCHIP Activation Program compatible with your printer model. 3. A computer with a Windows operating system and Internet access. 4. USB cable 5. INKCHIP activation key. STEP 1. Download INKCHIP Firmware and INKCHIP Activation for your printer model from Unpack the ZIP archives of these programs. STEP 2. Connect the printer to a Windows computer using a USB cable and turn on the printer. STEP 3. Launch the INKCHIP Firmware program on your computer. Read the introduction and click Next. Read the license agreement, set the marker opposite “I agree.” and click on the button next.
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